Sometimes in the editing process, you find that not everything that you wrote fits with the story anymore. While it is hard to remove pieces of the story that you worked so hard on, it is necessary for the good of the story. I saved some of the ones I really hated to let go. Enjoy!

Dragon Attack

This was taken from just before Jennica arrives at the Resistance the first time. It was removed because I wanted to develop her and Donichello’s relationship more before arriving.

Alternate Backstory

I originally had the pirate navigator have a sister and brother with down syndrome. They had dropped into Ethota and worked on a rival ship to Captain Reness. This was the ship the main group originally ended up on. I felt like it bogged the main story down too much so it was cut.

Sammaria and Rekasi

This was a scene where Sammaria first admitted she had feelings for Rekasi. It was removed because I felt the characterization was off. I liked it because I thought it was a very real conversation between two friends, and I used it to inspire the scene that is now in the book.

Never Fear

This is the full song that Jennica sings to Donichello. I am not comfortable as a song writer so I cut it. It also felt very modern for the story. The snippet left in was changed to be more historical ballad like, but it did not start that way.